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Important Reminders When Planning a Bathroom Renovation

Renovating your bathroom can be the best choice when the space is too small and crowded or when you need to swap out the fixtures as well as the flooring and other pieces, as a full renovation allows you to get all this work done at once. You can then more easily coordinate your new fixtures and surface materials so they all complement one another, and also move those fixtures or resize them as needed to make better use of the space. If you're planning bathroom renovations in your home, note a few important reminders that will help ensure the job gets done right and that you're happy with the end result.


Be sure you note the clearance needed for all doors in the bathroom; obviously this would mean the entryway door, but don't forget about doors on a vanity or cabinetry on the wall, a linen closet door, or a hinged glass shower screen door. If those doors don't open freely, you often cannot access items inside, and the doors may hit and then damage other surfaces or pieces in the bathroom, so measure for needed clearances carefully. You may need to change the entire footprint of the bathroom, scale down the vanity or other cabinetry, or change the location of a shower door's hinge if you find that any of these need more clearance than what is in your plans.


When choosing items for a new bathroom, don't forget your everyday storage needs. As an example, you may look forward to soaking in a large garden tub, and you may assume you can scale down the linen closet to accommodate this oversized piece, but your morning routine may then become very difficult as you search for items in that crowded closet space. You might also love the look of a pedestal sink, but this also means less storage than a vanity under the sink. Don't forget about needed storage when planning your bathroom remodel, and ensure you have space for everything you need.

Replacement tiles

When choosing bathroom tile, be sure you note how easy and affordable it is to replace those tiles. If the grout of any tiles should become loose, this can allow for water to build up behind the tile and then lead to the tile cracking or falling away. If you cannot easily find one or two replacement tiles, you may then need to retile the entire bathroom, so be sure you note this and avoid rare or overly expensive tiles for your renovation project.