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Ideas for Creating a Comfortable Bathroom When Renovating

There are many ways you can make your bathroom more comfortable and luxurious during a renovation, creating a retreat where you can regenerate daily. Consider the following ideas.

Freestanding Bath

One approach to creating a spa-like ambience is to install a freestanding bath. You can choose from various materials, such as acrylic and fibreglass, which are easy to look after. Cast iron is excellent for retaining heat, and stone is beautiful but heavy.

Because the shape of freestanding baths is exposed and not hidden behind tiles, the particular contours are a large part of a bath's aesthetic. Some designs have clean geometric outlines, and others feature organic curves that ebb and flow. The most important thing is to select a tub that complements your bathroom's style, whether traditional or modern. Of course, the tub must also be comfortable to lounge in as well as beautiful to look at.

Rainfall Shower Head

Another upgrade that can make your bathroom more luxurious and hard to leave is a rainfall shower head, designed to simulate the experience of being in the rain. These showers have a large surface area, and they release the water in a rhythmic cascade. These showers will soothe tired and stressed muscles and give you more coverage in the shower. Choose from metals such as stainless steel or chrome to suit the other elements in the room.

Heated Towel Rack

A large, fluffy, warm and dry towel is essential to a lavish bathroom experience. You can help provide this with a heated towel rack that can either be fixed to the wall, connected to the electrical circuit, or put on the floor and plugged in. An element heats the bars and dries the towels, which is especially valuable in the winter and if your room lacks ventilation. A floor-standing design is handy as you can move it to where you want, and it doesn't need wall space.

Underfloor heating

You can also add to the luxuriousness of the space by installing underfloor heating during bathroom renovations. Electrical cables or hot water pipes are arranged over the subfloor and covered with insulation. Then the final material, such as tiles or planks, is laid on top. Because heat naturally rises, underfloor heating warms the entire room vertically. And the coils cover the whole floor, so heat emanates to all areas, not just the spot in front of the heater.

Dimmer Switches

Finally, remember that soft lighting is essential to comfort, so create subtle lighting that lets you relax. You could have dimmers fitted to the lights to adjust the ambience. You will need a task light to enable grooming; you can install lights around a mirror.

Contact a local contractor to learn more about bathroom renovations.