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Make Your Bathroom Child-Friendly With These Easy Renovations

If you were previously childless and now have a toddler or two cohabiting with you, having to share a bathroom can prove to be quite an endeavour. Children will have different needs, and they tend to be much more disorganised too. Thus, for peace of mind, it may be time to consider investing in bathroom renovations. However, your bathroom renovations should not solely focus on aesthetics. You would also need to make it more functional so that your child has nearly as much access as you do in the bathroom while still keeping them safe. Below are a few renovation ideas you could consider to make your bathroom child-friendly.

Switch out your towel rods

Towel rods are a convenient accessory to have in your bathroom. Nevertheless, towel rods are also a potential hazard, as children will likely want to swing on them. Rather than taking them out and making your bathroom disorganised, you should opt to have hooks installed. The great thing about hooks is they do not give those tiny fingers much leeway to grasp and swing on them. Moreover, the towels will be within reach of your kids as all they have to do is push the towels off the hooks. Lastly, you also save yourself the trouble of having to refold towels, which is a bonus organisational wise!

Install a low mirror

Once kids start to have a sense of their autonomy, they begin to be aware of their image. As a result, they will want to spend time in front of the mirror too checking their appearance and ensuring they look their best also. What this translates as to you as a parent would be having to hoist them up so they can have a peek at themselves in the bathroom mirror. To make life easier for both yourself and your child, just have a lower mirror installed in the bathroom as part of your renovations.  The mirror does not have to be short either!  A full-length mirror on one wall would make your bathroom appear spacious while still meeting the needs of your short child.

Invest in a temperature controller

No matter which way you cut it, kids love to play with water. And although this is fine when they are splashing about in the bathtub, it can prove hazardous once they get to learn how to turn on the taps. A simple solution that some homeowners may be unaware of is investing in a temperature controller for their hot water. This device functions to keep your hot water at a specific degree, which not only ensures that your kid's bath is always at the right temperature but also minimises the risk of them scalding themselves when they decide to turn on the hot water tap.

For more information on bathroom renovations, contact a professional.