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6 Compelling Reasons to Choose Rubber Flooring for Your Bathroom

Have you been looking at new homes that need some remodelling? Especially the bathrooms? It's important to choose the right flooring for your bathroom. After all, this is a well-used little room, and the choice you make impacts everything from comfort to safety. You might first land on a more traditional option, such as porcelain tile or natural stone, but you should really think about fitting rubber flooring instead, and here are just six reasons why.

1. Water-Resistance

From the water that drips from your body as you leave the shower to the condensation that results from a nice hot bath, your bathroom floor is going to need to stand up to plenty of moisture. Rubber is completely resistant to moisture, so you won't need to worry about water seeping through to damage the subfloor.  

2. Safety

Rubber is a popular option in care homes and nurseries. That's partly because any accidents are easier to clean up, but it's mostly because rubber flooring is so safe. Most options boast a high slip resistance rating, so, even when the floor is wet, it's very hard to slip and fall. Even if you do fall, you'll be less likely to injure yourself on rubber flooring since it is naturally shock absorbent.

3. Comfort

Unlike natural stone, porcelain tile, engineering wood, and just about every other bathroom flooring material, rubber flooring gives slightly as you walk over it. That slight cushioning effect makes it remarkably comfortable to walk on, a real boon in a room where you'll rarely be wearing shoes. You can even increase its softness by using backing made from cork, foam-rubber, or fabric.

4. Style

When asked to picture rubber flooring, most people conjure imagines of dull hospital floors. However, rubber flooring can actually be had in just about any colour, texture, or pattern you can imagine. This is an artificial material, so styling options are practically unlimited.  

5. Cleaning and Maintenance

Though rubber tiles are an option, most rubber flooring comes in a single sheet. This is fantastic from a hygiene point of view since there are no joints or grout lines in which dirt and bacteria can lurk. You'll be able to clean quickly and easily. Better yet, rubber flooring is exceptionally hard-wearing; yours should last for decades if treated right.  

6. Insulation  

Thicker rubber flooring forms a very effective sound barrier. Its density prevents sounds travelling through, and its elasticity means that even dropping something heavy won't produce sounds anywhere near as loud as those associated with dropping something on a stone or tile floor.