Making Your Home Look New

Renovating Your Bathroom for a Modern Look

Are you considering making changes to your bathroom? That's a great idea. Many homeowners don't realize the importance of having a nice, clean and modernized bathroom. Bathroom renovations can greatly increase comfort levels within the home, in addition to improving your home's resale value.

When planning for a bathroom renovation, the most important factor to keep in mind is a modernized look. Incorporating modern features can turn the bathroom space into a hub of creativity, technology and comfort. But what factors in this space can make your bathroom modern?

Keep accessibility in mind

A bathroom with a modern look should have accessibility in mind. This means designing areas such as the height of the sink, the design of the toilet, and access to the shower for more than just able-bodied adults.

More people are starting to age in their homes as opposed to moving into assisted living homes. If you have a long-term goal for your property, make sure you ask the contractor about features such as handlebars, railings and extra storage space.

Maximise the use of available space

Bathroom renovations should have the goal of maximising the use of available space. A modern design should be able to fit many features into even a small bathroom. The secret lies in proper design methods and eliminating the presence of clutter.

For example, your contractor can install smaller sinks and toilet bowls that are more efficient in their use of water. You can also put in freestanding tubs and replace cabinets with floating shelves.  These modern and more efficient features will turn your bathroom from a tiny uncomfortable space into a 21st century haven.

Advanced toilet designs

To truly achieve a modern look, your bathroom renovations should address the toilet itself. Look for a licensed contractor who can install automatic lid openers, seat warmers and deodorizers. Modern toilets make the entire space feel new and high tech.


A bathroom cannot feel new without the proper lighting. Lighting is a cost-effective way of giving a new look to the bathroom space in a short amount of time. To make the best use of lighting, make sure the functional areas of the bathroom are given special consideration. This means directing light to sinks, bathtubs, the shower and the most used cabinets. You can use a variety of lighting fixtures such as pendants and light bars to truly bring out a modern look.