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Three Crucial Considerations for Granite Benchtop Selection

If you are thinking about enhancing your kitchen space by installing a new benchtop, you should consider choosing a granite feature. Granite benchtops are ideal for home installation because the material is strong and durable. The surface will resist damage from scratches, stains, chips and heat. Also, sealed granite benchtops are easy to maintain and clean since they have low porosity. In addition, this type of counter is appealing because of its natural and unique appearance. However, you should remember that the benefits you will obtain after installing a granite benchtop will depend on the selected product. Here are the important factors that you should consider when choosing your kitchen feature.

Slab Thickness

You should compare the thickness of different granite slabs intended for use in the kitchen. Your choice will determine the cost, appearance and resilience of your benchtop. In general, thicker granite slabs are more favourable for kitchen installation. They are stronger and can withstand more mechanical stress without breakage and degradation. Moreover, the thicker slab is more appealing. Thinner granite slabs are inexpensive in comparison to the alternative. They will perform quite well in medium-duty applications. However, you should note that the edges and overhang will require support. Without the supports to thicken the slab, the edging will appear unnatural.

Benchtop Colour

There are numerous granite colours in the market, so the choices can be overwhelming. If you select the wrong material, your benchtop will not blend well with the kitchen design and décor. Therefore, you should evaluate the colour scheme in your home and the kitchen before beginning shopping. You should pay particular attention to the appearance of the cabinets. Kitchen cabinets are prominent features alongside the countertop. So, their colours must complement each other. Most granite slabs have a variegated appearance because they are made from natural stones. However, you will find some solid colours if you wish to purchase plain alternatives.

Counter Edging

You should choose the right edging for your granite benchtop to ensure optimal appeal and visual interest. An ideal choice should enhance the appeal of your counter and blend in with your kitchen décor. In general, the edge can be defined as the profile of a granite slab. In other words, this is the edge that you will see when facing the new benchtop. Rolled edges are rounded and smooth for a gentle look. You can also choose a straight edge which has a boxed look. If you are not interested in these choices, inquire about the in-between alternatives before making your decision.