Making Your Home Look New

3 Exciting Electronic Devices (and Appliances) to Install in Your Kitchen

Kitchen renovations are an exciting opportunity for you to breathe new life into your home. If your current kitchen looks dull and uninviting, there are many upgrade options that are on the table.

A renovation path that many people tend to overlook is installing new appliances and electronic devices. The modern kitchen should be highly integrated with new technologies that add comfort and functionality.

Are you wondering where to get started? Consider installing the following electronic components in your kitchen.    

1. A wall-hung TV

You can never go wrong with a TV in your kitchen. Many people may think it's a distraction, but it actually makes your kitchen more functional and welcoming. Do you often find yourself leaving ingredients in the frying pan to catch a glimpse of the latest TV show or an ongoing game? A TV in the kitchen solves this problem.

You don't need a large screen, as a smaller TV will work perfectly for any kitchen design. Open-plan kitchens with spacious floor space may need larger screens, while smaller, closed-off kitchens will work well with smaller TVs. Make sure your renovation contractor keeps all wiring away from countertops or open floors, and keep a remote in hand to control your channels effectively.   

2. A smart oven 

Another important upgrade to make is from a normal oven to a smart oven. Smart ovens make cooking and baking easier by incorporating new technologies into the cooking process. For example, you can program presets into your oven so that you don't need to remember specific temperatures or cooking times. And when the cooking process is complete, the oven will automatically turn off and prevent your food from burning.

You can also turn the unit on or off—even when you're not at home. Stuck in traffic? Set the oven to preheat and place your dish inside as soon as you get home.  

3. Motion sensor lights

Handling light switches in the kitchen can quickly become annoying. For example, you may find yourself struggling to switch off the light with wet or sticky hands. This causes a risk not only to your health but also to your kitchen's electric system.

Motion sensor lighting requires no physical light switch as it uses infrared to detect your movement through the kitchen doorway. And after a certain period with no change, the lights will automatically turn off. Motion sensors are safer, more efficient and more cost-effective. For more information about what you can do to your kitchen, contact a kitchen renovations business.