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Two Misconceptions About Kitchen Renovations

If you want to remodel your kitchen, it's important to ignore the most popular misconceptions about kitchen renovations so that you don't end up basing your renovation decisions on these fallacies. Below are two of the most oft-repeated misconceptions regarding this type of remodelling project.

You have to make a lot of compromises if you don't have much money for the remodelling work

Far too many homeowners are convinced that it would be impossible for them to create the kitchen of their dreams with a modest budget and that they would instead have to make lots of compromises in regards to the materials they use and the designs they opt for. If you have a small renovation fund and this is something that concerns you, then it's important to understand that you don't necessarily have to make any major sacrifices, provided you employ a remodelling contractor who is relatively creative. The input of a professional like this, who can not only come up with frugal design ideas but who also has the skills to bring these ideas to life, is what will enable you to make big changes with a small amount of money.

For example, if you love the way floating, rustic wooden shelves look and would like a few of them in your kitchen, you don't have to buy new ones (which might cost hundreds) but can instead source some old timber from a local demolition site or a community recycling website and then have your contractor sand, varnish and install them on the walls of your kitchen. Although this might take up more of you and your contractor's time, it could cut the cost of this part of the renovation quite dramatically, whilst still allowing you to have these beautiful, authentically rustic shelves in your new kitchen.

A kitchen renovation project always takes months to complete

Many people also fall for the fallacy that kitchen renovations always take several months to complete. This can be incredibly off-putting for many homeowners, as having to survive for two or three months without access to cooking, refrigeration or dining facilities is too much of an inconvenience for them. However, although it is true that some kitchen renovation projects can take an unusually long time to complete, lengthy renovations are usually the result of errors that you can easily avoid making during your own project. For example, poor communication can cause renovations to go on for longer than expected.

Being quick to reply to your remodelling contractor when they ask you to approve, for instance, the purchasing of a particular material will ensure that they can buy that material before it goes out of stock. If in this scenario you were to take three or four days to respond to their question, it could take weeks for those materials to get restocked by the shop that sells them and for your contractor to then purchase them for your project.

For more information, reach out to kitchen renovation contractors.