Making Your Home Look New

Design Ideas For Your New Remodelled Bathroom

While the kitchen is often a social hub, the bathroom is ideally a place where you can wind down, relax and rejuvenate. But it needs to have the right design and ambience to provide such a haven. The following are several remodelling ideas to consider when you're undergoing home renovations.

Floor-To-Ceiling Window

A cramped, confined feeling is not conducive to relaxation, so whether your bathroom is large or small, it's crucial to create a spacious, open atmosphere. One way to achieve this is with a floor-to-ceiling window. If you have a secluded back garden, you could install clear glass. Otherwise, fix a smooth expanse of frosted glass that filters soft light into the room while maintaining privacy. Rather than installing the window in a general wall area — to bring nature inside — you could install the window on one side of the shower enclosure. Thus you'll almost feel like you're showering in the garden. Alternatively, place a freestanding bathtub in front of an expansive wall window to create a lavish environment.

Stone Vanity Countertop

The bathroom vanity top is a central feature of a bathroom, and you can make it stand out even more with a gorgeous piece of natural stone. One option is travertine in earthy fawns, pinks and creams. Make sure to follow sealing recommendations to keep the rock looking its best. Another stone to consider is granite, which is available in tans, blacks, pinks, yellows and other hues. For a unique look, install an irregularly shaped piece of stone — with a smooth top and a rough edge — to form both a counter and an organic art piece.    


Mirrors are essential, both functionally and aesthetically, in a bathroom. If more than one person uses the space simultaneously, install several so that everyone can get ready at once. Mirrors bounce light around the area, which will help to evoke a spacious vibe. They also serve as decorative pieces. Rectangular and oval shapes give a classic look — other options include art deco fan shapes, circular or square mirrors. The frames can be intricately designed and styled or consist of a weathered piece of driftwood. With your choice of size, shape and border, you can complement virtually any decor.

Custom Frameless Showers

Custom frameless showers consist of smooth glass screens with scarce hardware — they help to create a spacious feel by not visually blocking off a large chunk of the room area. You can construct square, rectangle, rounded or hexagonal enclosures and position them to optimise available space. Frosted glass screens can also surround the shower if you'd like extra privacy. Select between different levels of transparency to create the experience you're after. 

For more home renovation ideas, speak with a professional.