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Interior Design Tips for Embarking on an Office Fitout With Limited Space

Real estate in Australia is expensive. And if you do not own commercial property, you will find that leasing out the space you want may not necessarily be in accordance with the budget that you have. However, this does not mean that you cannot have an appealing office space. Admittedly, working with a small amount of square footage may initially seem like a drawback but with the right remodelling contractors on your side, you can convert the available space into something you are proud to run your business out of. To help you with some inspiration, here are interior design tips for embarking on an office fitout with limited space.

Choose a minimalist theme

A misconception you may have about minimalistic design is that it is only applicable for art deco spaces, but this is incorrect. What you may be surprised to learn is that minimalist interior décor favours tiny spaces since it prioritises functionality. Workspaces are vulnerable to clutter due to a couple of reasons. For starters, multiple people are utilising the space at the same time, and secondly, irrespective of your line of business, you are likely dependent on an array of electronics for the daily operations of your company.

With a minimalist design, you ensure that your office fitout is simplistic, characterised by clean lines and airiness in the space. To achieve this, limit your office furniture to only what is necessary. Secondly, keep all cords other office accessories hidden and your remodelling contractors can help with this by creating customs storage solutions that will ensure anything that is not in use stays out of sight. Consult with your contractors on additional ways to perpetuate minimalist theme through your office fitout.

Opt for adaptable workspaces

When some people think of an office, they tend to either envision partitions that form cubicles within the space or never-ending rows of desks. Although these may have been the conventional types of workspaces, this is steadily being phased out by many companies that are looking toward more flexible office space. By engaging in an office fitout, you get the chance to introduce adaptable workspaces into your office design and reap the benefits of this solution. As the name suggests, adaptable workspaces can be employed for multiple needs.

For example, if you have an advertising company, you likely need to brainstorm with your creatives regularly. With that in mind, the workspace should be able to accommodate group meetings, so cubicles are out of the question. However, advertising agencies also need to pitch ideas to clients! With that in mind, your workspaces should be easily employed for client meetings too. This adaptability eliminates the need for more square footage, as you are making the most use of what is available to you.