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Two Situations When It's Important to Use Custom Kitchen Design Services

Here are two situations in which it's essential to use a contractor's custom kitchen design services when renovating your kitchen.

You're renovating your 'forever home'

If you're renovating a home that you hope to remain in for the rest of your life, then you should get the kitchen renovated by a custom kitchen design specialist. When you order a 'readymade' kitchen that has no customised features, you will have to compromise on many aspects of its features, as it is impossible for mass-made kitchens to be exactly suited to the preferences of every single customer. 

As such, if you were to take this route, your kitchen cabinets may be a bit too small for the type of kitchen gadgets you need to store in them. Alternatively, you might have to tolerate the fact that the cabinets' colour is similar but not an exact match for the actual colour you wanted.

This might be fine if you were renovating a kitchen in a property you were planning to sell, as you would know that you would only have to deal with these compromises for a few more years. However, if you're in your 'forever home', then it makes sense to customise the kitchen when you're renovating it so that you don't have to put up with lots of small but frustrating design flaws for the next few decades — or have to go through the hassle of having these small flaws corrected over time.

You or your family have mobility limitations

If you or your family have mobility limitations, then it's essential to use a custom kitchen design specialist's services when remodelling the kitchen. Contractors who provide this service don't just customise kitchens to make them suit their client's aesthetic preferences. Rather, they can also make very practical adjustments that can enable their clients with mobility issues to better utilise their kitchens.

For example, if any of your household members use wheelchairs, the contractor can make some or all of the benchtops height adjustable so that both your wheelchair-using family members and relatives with full mobility can both use them. Similarly, if you are at risk of falling because of your mobility issues, the contractor could also make the corners of the benchtops, kitchen island and corner cabinets rounded. That way, if you fall against these features, you'll be less likely to sustain the severe injuries that you might if they had sharper corners.

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