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Two Mistakes to Avoid Making When Organising an Office Fit-Out

Here are two mistakes you should aim to avoid making when organising an office fit-out.  

Fitting Partitions That Aren’t Soundproof

Many office owners who undertake office fit-outs make the error of choosing partitions that aren't soundproof. It's important to invest in soundproof partitions, even if your business doesn't require your staff to discuss confidential subjects that need to be talked about in private settings. The reason for this is that by not having soundproof partitions fitted on your premises, your office staff might find the noise levels in the workplace too high, and this could make them less productive.

For example, if a staff member is working on their own in a partitioned area and is trying to do some complex calculations or type up an important report, they might find it impossible to focus on their task if the partitions aren't soundproof and they can hear all of the chattering, phone ringing and rustling of paper that's going on elsewhere in the office. As such, even if you rarely require total privacy in your office, you should still invest in soundproof partitions that will greatly reduce or fully block out all of the office noise beyond them.

These soundproofed partitioned areas could also be useful when you host noisy events such as team-building exercise days, an office Christmas party or a birthday party for a staff member, as these could result in people making lots of noise. On these occasions, the soundproofed partitions will ensure that this noise doesn't travel beyond the office and disturb other commercial businesses that may be operating in the same building or in the adjacent buildings.

Relying Solely on Fluorescent Ceiling Lights for the Office’s Lighting

The other error you must avoid making is assuming that putting up standard fluorescent ceiling lights will satisfy your staff's need for artificial lighting in the office. Office owners who make this error sometimes do so because most office businesses operate during the day and can normally utilise natural light to keep their premises illuminated.

However, on days when it's overcast and there is less natural light available on your premises, on occasions when your staff have to do overtime late into the evening and in the winter months when it gets dark earlier in the day, decent artificial lighting will ensure that your staff don't struggle to read documents, use their computers or end up suffering from eye strain.

This is why, in addition to ceiling lights, you should incorporate other forms of lighting into the premises when you're fitting out the office. For example, if your contractor is building office cubicles for you, you could have them install LED strip lights into the upper section of each cubicle. This will provide an extra, closer layer of lighting above each cubicle's desk and thus help those who work within these cubicles see the items on their desks much more easily, even on days when natural lighting is lacking.

Keep these tips in mind when looking to install office fit-outs for your business.