Making Your Home Look New

Making Your Home Look New

Unique Kitchen Splashback Ideas

Your kitchen's splashback is very important, as it needs to protect the kitchen walls from food splatter and grease, as well as the risk of a stovetop fire. The splashback is also very visually prominent, so it needs to be attractive as well as functional! While standard kitchen tile is often used for a splashback, note some unique materials and looks you might want t

2 Small Features That Can Have A Big Impact On Your Kitchen Renovation Project

Renovating a tired and dated kitchen is an exciting project for many homeowners. The kitchen forms the centre of the home and household activities and giving it a fresh, modern and beautiful new look can help to enhance the entire living space. As far as home improvement projects go, it's also one of the bigger and more costly ones, which quite rightly means most peop

2 Vital Yet Often Overlooked Practical Elements Of Kitchen Design

Kitchens are arguably the most important room in the house. They provide a central point for family interactions as well as a place to gather with guests when entertaining. Modern kitchens are no longer a place to simply prepare and cook food, they also double as an informal dining space and a space for leisure and work activities. If you're planning a kitchen renovat

Three Crucial Considerations for Granite Benchtop Selection

If you are thinking about enhancing your kitchen space by installing a new benchtop, you should consider choosing a granite feature. Granite benchtops are ideal for home installation because the material is strong and durable. The surface will resist damage from scratches, stains, chips and heat. Also, sealed granite benchtops are easy to maintain and clean since they

Two ways to ensure that you love the end results of your kitchen remodelling project

Remodelling your kitchen is an expensive and lengthy process. As such, it's sensible to take steps to ensure that you love the end results of the project. Here are two such steps. Take your time when perusing samples One of the most effective ways to make sure that your kitchen looks exactly the way you want it to at the end of the remodelling process is to order a w